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About this item

  • 【What are nipple toys for?】Your nipples are an oft-overlooked erogenous zone that can pack a seriously satisfying punch. Each nipple has up to 2000(!) nerve endings. Meet our nipple toy who is the very first one of the new type in nipple toys. Clamp your nipples with our silicone nipple toy, who combines 10 intense vibration modes with 3 adjustable clamping forces from gentle to hard, you can get as much pleasure as if you were stimulating your clitoris.
  • 【Public fun and hot date day】It's time to revolutionize your nipple clamps toys now. Our nipple clamps are made with wireless design. You can wear them on the go for a hot date. It is lightweight, only 35g one piece so they are non-sagging and unobtrusive. It is about the same size with your nipple cover. So the pleasure it brings is concentrated and intense. You can also give the remote control to your partner and do something naughty with your love to spice up your sex life.
  • 【Why choose us?】Our nipple clamps have 10 different vibration modes powered by an ultra-powerful motor. It provides 3 adjustable clamping force. You can adjust the clamps for a harder or gentler squeeze. They are tight fit to your breasts so they are of strong conduction. Strong vibrations will radiate your whole body. You can also hide them in your bra. The round shape hides a special function: you can turn it by hand and experience the feeling of numbness and tingling like fingers rubbing.
  • 【Product features】Our sex toy is made of liquid silicone material. It is ultra-elastic and its delicate gentle touch feels like real skin to care for your delicate nipples. High-precision components and noise reduction physical structure help to make the sound is as low as the ears difficult to capture. Through the wireless remote control, you can enjoy hands-free fun. Rated as IPX5 waterproof. Please do not submerge under water. With a 120-minute charge, you will get 60 minutes of fun.
  • 【BDSM-inspired toy & More ways to have fun】If you’re interested in exploring the line between pleasure and pain, the sensations these nipple toys provide may interest you. With nipple toys in hand, beginners can use them as a BDSM-inspired way to level up your foreplay, enhance oral sex, or stimulate nerve endings during masturbation. With the choker and leash on, it can also be used with a vibrating anal plug or vibrator. Now let's indulge each other in a game of submission and control.
  • 【Discreet packaging & After-Sale Gua-ran-tee】It comes in a discreet classic and elegant all-black box with nothing sensitive on the package to protect your privacy. Nobody will know what's inside the box. If you encounter any quality problems such as broken items, missing charging cable, product no working, the product can't be charged properly, please feel easy to let us know and our 24-hour online service team will help you solve your problem.

New World of Nipple Toys

Meet our newest vibrating nipple clamps nipple sex toy

It will bring your nipple fun to the next level

10 Vibration modes X 3 clamping forces

  • 10 different vibration modes are powered by an ultra-powerful motor
  • Want the clamping forces to be hard or gentle? 3 forces to choose from. It's up to you
  • Strong vibrations will radiate from your nipples to your whole body

For Hot Date Day And Outside Fun

  • The nipple clamps are smaller than your nipple covers. Each piece only weights 35g
  • It is very convenient to hide it in your bra, nobody will know
  • Our sex toy is especilly with wireless design, for your outdoor naughty fun
  • Wireless remote control is for your hands-free control

Sweet Secrets Hiden in the Round Shape

  • The round shape is more handy to turn by your hands
  • It simulates the feeling of finger rubbing
  • The feeling is totally out of description

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Spice Up Your Sex Life & More Ways to Have Fun

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